About Us

We are a candle maker in Thailand. We offer gift or decorative items with beautiful handmade candle at reasonable price. We emphasize on producing handmade candle in antique style with design and usefulness.

The antique candles are our unique handmade products. The antique candles looks like precision sculptures and can be a dramatic decoration in your home. They are all candle not just fulfill the container with paraffin wax. At first glance, your family or your friends will not notice that this handmade product is in fact a candle. All of our candles are “handmade”, and are subject to variation. We are
sorry for being unable to make all pieces of items exactly alike, because each of which is handmade as the masterpiece of itself.

At present, we’re doing our business in online marketing to deal direct business with customers. We’re waiting an opportunity to provide you the great handmade candles with antique style and looking forward to do our best business relationship with you.