1. Do you have any recommendations for a time frame for the initial burn?

Go for a minimum of an hour and a maximum of four hours for the initial burn. What you’re aiming for is an enormous amount of wax.  Your candle will burn more efficiently with a bigger wax pool and produce less wax waste.

2. Why is it so hard to stop the tunneling?

Tunneling happens as a result of doing a large number of small burns. This may be avoided by ensuring that the first burn is high quality.

3. Why do I need to cut my candle’s wicks so frequently?

You should always trim the wick before lighting a candle, apart from the first time to allow the candles to burn more evenly.

4. My candle isn’t burning well; where should I put it?

Use a sturdy, heat-resistant place to place your candles away from youngsters and pets.

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